3 Questions-April.

I am typing this week’s words in the air, on my way to the Northern Territory for an adventure. This adventure includes a few days hiking the Larapinta Trail with an indigenous guide, delivering some facilitation/coaching, and learning, fun, and magic that come from spending time with seven other female business owners and leaders.

This adventure was meant to happen in 2020, but…you know.

So, after a lot of patience and planning, it is glorious to be on the flight, let alone anything else the next few days will hold.

Last weekend, at the farm with a family friend who is a professional landscaper, and a volunteer army of family and friends, we built my dream kitchen garden.

Such a wonderful weekend of manual labour, hearty food, lots of open fires, and cockatoo watching. We have about 200 cockatoos hanging out on our property right now, and I am pretty obsessed with their movements.

At around 4.30 pm every day, they leave from the big gum trees where they chat all day loudly, and they fly off somewhere. Who knows where? This happening always stops me dead in my tracks; it is an incredible sight, a deafening cacophony, and a daily joy.

This month’s 3 Questions:

1. What has bought you the most joy in the last month?

2. What is bringing you daily joy right now?

3. What adventure are you looking forward to?

If you have no adventure planned (big or small), I invite you to get planning. Research proves that happiness involves having something to look forward to.

We all know everything is ‘covid pending’ right now, and it is a risk to plan anything, not just logistically but emotionally.

But we can plan adventures in a way that serves our mental health and resources.

Wishing you a weekend of joyful moments and a little risk-taking.


Kemi xxx

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