3 Questions – August

The other day, I was interviewed for a dear friend’s podcast, and I was asked, “What are the top five things that nourish my well-being?”

My responses:

  1. I know my money
  2. I am discerning with my friendships
  3. I ask for help and support
  4. I know my values
  5. I eat cake

I want to focus on my response to number two for this month’s three questions

Never underestimate the power and impact of the people you spend your time with. I understand that there are always people in our lives that we don’t connect with on the same level as others; that is a part of being a human. And to be honest, if we were only exposed to people we deeply connected with, how would we learn about different ways of being in the world, of experiencing new ways of thinking? How would we learn about empathy and compassion?

I want to draw your attention to whom you spend most of your time with and how they impact you.

Our energy is one of our most significant resources.

These questions will not take long to answer, but they may give you the feedback you need to take action:

  1. Who in your life gives you energy?
  2. Who in your life drains your energy?
  3. Whom do you spend the most time with?

Wishing you a weekend of giving and receiving delightful energy

Kemi xxx


Live Onward Book Club Event with Elizabeth Gilbert

In 2020 I had the absolute delight of touring four states as I interviewed Elizabeth Gilbert about her newest book City of Girls. If you don’t know Elizabeth Gilbert, she is the author of Eat Pray Love, Big Magic, Commitment, and The signature of all things, to name a few.

Liz and I bonded in the green room before we even hit the stage because we pulled our art/bullet journals out of our bags!

We then talked stationary and swapped stickers immediately with gasps of joy and no apology. During the tour, we journaled together, went stationary shopping (of course!) and have stayed connected ever since.

So, I am very excited that POWER is the next book Liz is sharing with her Onward Book Club; now, she will be interviewing me!

How it works: You read (or listen) to POWER before September 8 and then join Liz and me as we discuss all things POWER at:

   9am on 08 September in Melbourne (AEST)

   12 midnight on 07 September in London (BST) 

   7pm on 07 September in New York (EDT) 

Please click here if you want to watch Liz’s video sharing about POWER and our up and coming conversation. We will also talk about The Gift Of Asking.

What Liz shares in the video about being a ‘walking permission slip’ is GOLD! Comment on the post if it resonates with you.

If you haven’t already read POWER or The Gift Of Asking and would like to read or listen to both books before I chat with Liz, now is the time; just click on the book to place your order.



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