3 Questions May

3 Questions – May 

For me, a highlight of this period has been to receive so many thoughtful responses to my weekly words. As a writer, you never know if your words are making a difference, unless the reader tells you, so thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts, experiences, and musings with me.

It makes a difference being able to make a difference. ☺

As restrictions begin to ease in various countries, I find myself, a little perturbed and a little hopeful.

Perturbed that things will go back ‘to normal’ and hopeful that things will not go back ‘to normal’.

I want different. I want change?

What do you want?

May this month’s 3 Questions help you clarify what you want and what you don’t want.

This week I ask for you to share your responses with me.

This week I ask for your highest hopes for yourself and humanity.

This week I ask for your vulnerability.

And next week, I will post these responses (anonymously) so that we can hold collective hope for the ‘different’ we want for each other, for our world, for our global family.

3 Questions 

1. What ‘normal’ do you want to keep?
2. What ‘normal’ do you want to leave behind?
3. As global citizens, what shall we leave behind us?

Of course, I cannot ask you to share your wants if I do not share mine.

1. I want to keep sunset walks, daily writing and fire pit chats with my neighbours.
2. I want to leave behind disconnection in public spaces, when no one engaged with each other, and when solidarity and smiles were scarce.
3. I want us to leave behind that we are separate; a naivety that what happens to me doesn’t happen to us all, that our actions, big and small have a global impact.

Share your hope for yourself and the world, and this whole community will energetically hold your hopes with you.

That is what communities do; we hold each other.

I look forward to hearing from you.

– Kemi xxx

One Response

  1. 1. I want to keep the family quality time together we have. 2. I want to keep my “no rush” daily runs on the beach. 3. I want to leave behind the feeling of scare for the future

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