Are your values actionable?

I recently read a book called ‘The Gentle Marketing Revolution,’ which confirmed some of the ideas and processes I had been pondering; it also made me dive deeper. Through listening to interviews and reading articles about ethical marketing practices, I decided it was essential to create some written business guidelines for myself, and any team members, permanent and freelancers.

I want to share these guidelines with you for two reasons:

1. You may want to create ethical guidelines for your business, your team, or your life.

2. In showing you what I strive for in my business and marketing, I am showing you who I am and what is important to me, so you can know with whom you are investing your time and money.


The KN Collective Pty Ltd
Ethical Marketing Guide

#1. Values
We lead through our founder’s core values of connection, well-being, and growth and promote connection, well-being, and growth for people and the planet.

#2. Service
We create products and services to deliver transformation, value, and beauty, and we ensure our delivery methods are honest and ethical.

#3. Honesty
We will never shame, deceive, or create FOMO or financial stress for our customers; we trust that when you are ready, you are ready.

#4. Communication
We honour clean and clear communication in all our dealings.

#5. Loyalty
We respect our customer’s loyalty and focus on empowering our customers by using healthy marketing practices in all our communications.

Brenè Brown talks about operationalising our values, ensuring that our values are not lofty ideals but actions that can be seen and observed.

These written guidelines are relatively new, so as a business, we are still feeling into them, but actions taken so far include:

a) Anyone who purchased The Gift Of Asking Program automatically donated $10 to either:

    1. The Indigenous Literacy foundation
    2. The Asylum Seekers Resource Centre
    3. Landcare Australia

b) We are currently looking into the most eco-friendly packaging for the books once we have used up our current  stock of envelopes.

Although the idea of these actions has been in my head as ‘a nice to have one day, I realised that even the small actions that align with our values make a difference.

Sometimes we get bogged down with the idea of taking big actions, forgetting that the small actions lead to bigger actions as they compound.

We are not aiming for perfect execution; we aim for aligned progress, mistakes will be made, but that is how growth works.

I would love to know the small changes and actions you are taking in your business, work, or life to operationalise your values.

PS: If you know where to source eco-friendly packaging (that protects the package, in this case, a book/s), please let me know.


Kemi xxx

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