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This week I spoke to an audience of four thousand people at an event in Sydney; the topic was The 7 Principles of Living a Balanced Life.

I first created the 7 principles for my first book Raw Beauty, but as I no longer talk about Raw Beauty per se, I wanted to adapt the message because I still stand by the principles even if the lens has changed slightly.

The original principles are still the same but are now called The 7 Principles of Well-Being:

  1. Body Nourishment
  2. Self-Care
  3. Creative Expression
  4. Joy creation
  5. Elevating relationships and communities
  6. Living with passion
  7. Purpose and contribution

I shared these principles with the audience, told a few stories to support their meaning, and invited them to take focused action toward their sense of balance.

But my main message, and what I want to share with you today, is this; if we want to embark on finding a sense of balance or enhanced well-being in our lives, if we find ourselves feeling more overwhelmed, less in sync, and less connected, or like we are failing, we need to pause.

Well-Being is supposed to make us feel ‘well in our being.’

Balance is meant to come with a sense of flow.

In the same way that happiness is not a constant state of being, balance is not a continuous state of being either; trying to make it so will eradicate balance.

Some people do not believe in balance, but I am not one of those people. Having a sense of balance in my life is very good for my well-being, but I also know balance is subjective.

What I do to feel balanced in myself and my life may not be the same for you.

So when we try and adopt someone else’s version of what balance ‘should’ be, we move further away from ourselves in the process.

A simple self–coaching question that shifts the idea that balance is a static state to aim for one day is:

“What will bring me to balance today?”

It could mean booking that appointment, or it could mean cancelling an appointment.

It could be having a nourishing meal or eating some junk food.

It could mean watching a joyful movie or catching up on the news.

It could mean taking three long slow breaths or attending a HIIT class.

It could mean going to bed earlier, calling your friend, picking up your knitting…

Asking this question allows us to create balance for the next 24 hours; who knows what tomorrow will bring, but you can choose balance today.

Balance is subjective. You are the subject. Choose.

Wishing you a weekend of discovering your form of balance.

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Kemi xxx

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