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Embarking on a 104km endurance race with high elevation, Kemi had no idea if she could reach the finish line. What she did know was

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Sam is highly functional and very independent but when a family member passes, Sam does not want to manage the ensuing tasks alone. But because

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Adora is about to make one of the most significant decisions of her life, but there is one obstacle that stands in her way. She

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Self Care

When Chantel began coaching, she knew she needed to look after herself better, but she was struggling with a negative story and was overwhelmed. In

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A woman in her mid-life – Corine is starting to spot a trend with her friends that she does not want to replicate. During the

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When a client wakes up every morning with dread in her stomach, she knows she needs to take action if she wants to secure what

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In today’s session, a significant relationship is at stake. When we only see others in a certain way, we need to commit to seeing something

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When Kemi was hiking with her 12year old daughter in Western Australia and covering 250km in 14 days, they both learnt the many layers of

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One of the biggest questions we ask ourselves is, “What is my purpose?” As a client tackles this question, she discovers a sense of purpose

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