The Good Leader + Elizabeth Gilbert Event!!!

During The Gift of Asking live launch, I received many messages from women telling me how ‘being good’ limited their self-expression and leadership in all areas of their lives. 

I want to share with you a message which came in the form of a poem written by Amy O’Brien.

Amy posted this on Instagram, and I felt it so strongly; and Amy has written it so POWERfully, I had to share it with you.

The Good Leader 

I have let the 

Good Girl / Good Partner / Good Mother 

that lived inside me go.


That is, of course, 

a tidy sentence to tell a messy truth –

I sacrificed almost everything 

wrestling to try and maintain those things.


Like many, I’ve expended a lot 

chasing ideals that don’t exist. 

Getting close enough each time 

to believe it was possible.


The good girl with 90% on every test.

The good partner that holds it all with ease.

The good mother that denies the limits of what it is to be human. 

Who completes every task on a whisper of sleep.


Like many, I have walked so many ‘Good’

but in reality – gruelling paths.

And found freedom in letting them fall away.


In claiming what is Real over what is Good.

Recently I’ve unearthed another ‘Good’ inside me

to let go of – 


The Good Female Leader.

Inside my body

my Good Girl and Good Leader 

have combined –

contorting themselves into such a shape.


Here is the story that has lived 

in my bones about 


a Good Female Leader.


When A Good Girl Becomes A Good Leader :

Be smart, but be quiet.

Know the answer, but don’t open your mouth.


Be successful, but not powerful.

Be intelligent, but don’t desire to change 

anything real.


All potential, no kinetic.

Sit in everything that you know, quietly.


And today 

that story dies.


Today my voice expands 

because being Quiet in order to be recognised as Good 

is not something 

I am willing to participate in 



Today I choose to dismantle The Good Leader 

I was trying to be

and embody The Real Leader I know I can become.


Because this is power in the right place.


Written by Amy O’Brien of Reverence Story @reverencestory


If Amy’s words touched you or resonated with you in some way, please let her know via @reverencestory; because this is how women support women.

If you know Amy’s words will support a woman you know, please share because this is how women support women. 


Live Onward Book Club Event with Elizabeth Gilbert.

In 2020 I had the absolute delight of touring four states as I interviewed Elizabeth Gilbert about her newest book City of Girls. If you don’t know Elizabeth Gilbert, she is the author of Eat Pray Love, Big Magic, Commitment, and The signature of all things, to name a few.

Liz and I bonded in the green room before we even hit the stage because we pulled our art/bullet journals out of our bags! 

We then talked stationary and swapped stickers immediately with gasps of joy and no apology. During the tour, we journaled together, went stationary shopping (of course!) and have stayed connected ever since. 

So, I am very excited that POWER is the next book Liz is sharing with her Onward Book Club; now, she will be interviewing me!

How it works: You read (or listen ) to POWER before September 8 and then join Liz and me as we discuss all things POWER at:

    9am on 08 September in Melbourne (AEST)

   12 midnight on 07 September in London (BST) 

   7pm on 07 September in New York (EDT) 

Please click here if you want to watch Liz’s video sharing about POWER and our up and coming conversation. We will also talk about The Gift Of Asking.

What Liz shares in the video about being a ‘walking permission slip’ is GOLD! Comment on the post if it resonates with you.

If you haven’t already read POWER or The Gift Of Asking and would like to read or listen to both books before I chat with Liz, now is the time; just click on the book to place your order.

Wishing you a weekend of reading books and letting go of ‘good.’

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Kemi xxx

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