The power of letting go.

As I write to you after my holidays, I feel very grateful.

I am grateful that sitting here and writing to you every Friday has been a practice I have had for eight years and is one of my weekly joys; it is nice to be back.

In 2014 my family travelled around Australia in a caravan for 387 days. During this time, I decided to let go of setting goals. Until then, I had been a yearly goal setter, but the thought of trying to set goals when we were on an adventure seemed more constraining than expansive.

But I created a practice, which was to write to you every Friday.

When we were settled back at home in early 2016, after more than a year of having no goals, it confirmed that I enjoy the focus that goals give me.

Over the last three weeks, I have been on holiday and entirely offline. Letting go of being in communication with anyone except the people I am with is one of my practices of presence.

When I am on holiday, I also let go of all my routines; when I journal, meditate, train, go to bed, and wake up, I just let it all fall away; I find it incredibly energising to let it all go.

Letting go in this way allows me to re-evaluate the rhythms and routines I have put in place and see if they still serve me. Are they still effective? Do they need tweaking? Do I need to let go of something?

Letting go of my rhythms and routines always confirms how nourishing and effective it is for me to have rhythm and routine.

And by the time my holidays are over, I am joyfully ready to step back into my routines with a sense of gratitude.

I believe the ultimate gift of personal and professional development is that we get to understand who we are and how we can best contribute to the world.

Part of understanding who we are and what we want to give includes what we choose to let go of and what we choose to hold on to.

As always, I would love to hear your insights, thoughts or musings.

Wishing you a weekend of letting go.

Kemi xxx


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